I learned to sew, knit and embroider as a little girl and have been fascinated with how textiles are made ever since.  When I visited trading posts in northern Arizona as an adult and saw Navajo weavers making rugs, I fell in love with weaving and eventually signed up for class in 1997.   Handweavers are a closely woven (pun intended), nurturing group who love to share their ideas and techniques, and thanks to them, I’m still weaving.

I come from a family of talented artists, so it was just a matter of time before that ingrained creative impulse took over, and I learned to dye my own yarns.

“Living Loom” was born in 2010.  My family and I have moved many times over the years, and I learned that if my antique floor loom was not in the common living area of the house, I didn’t weave. So, my family has allowed the loom to take center stage in our home, where it reminds me every day that it’s time to make something.

I love to be surprised in the creative process, so I dye my yarns before weaving them, and the natural shifting of threads that occurs when I attach the dyed yarn to the loom defines my style.

I use fiber reactive dyes for their light-fast and color-fast properties, and because such a wide range of hues are available.  I use a variety of yarns to give textural interest, drape, and affordability to my designs.

Thanks for your interest in Living Loom.